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It's bad with the extra music but the movie is good. I miss an "Animation vs League of legends" video.

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Fun! Why did you loose half a star? Well, because at first it is too easy, and later it is too hard. What about a difficulty setting? Even despite the difficulty, it feels very original because I don't really know many games where you have to collect trash! Maybe also adding more types of trash would be fun. Also, it feels like something is missing because when you miss something, nothing happens. And when you miss bombs and missiles, It'd be fun to get score for them (at least one point for missing three)! Overall fun and original, so keep up the good work!

I don't like the size of the game, it is very large! Also, please try to use English only. Overall a fun game. I must have forgotten something to say lol.

loicDelaunay05 responds:

Thanks for commenting :)

I'm really blocked about the size of the game it's a Newgrounds website limitation it's static size but i can reduce it :/

about language ,it's one of my first game so I code it in french because it's my birth language and I'm not really good in english ^^', I notice most people talk in english so I set english language by default in next release and improve it :) ! My future games will surely be in English

Thx for commenting I appreciate ;)

(This review contains spoilers)

Before playing I thought there should be some kind of weird things happening in this game, and of course this is not really normal tic tac toe. It was fun however!

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My opinion is the following:
Beginning sounds good, then comes something screamy, then the rest (from 1:05) sounds like a calmer earrape, not music. Then it goes okay (1:48) until 2:31 when the screaming part comes. Fine again around 3:35 until the end, 4:20. Other instuments than the scream sounds good. So, as my score says, not a very good song FOR ME and MY ears.

The normal CLG sounds WAY better in my opinion. In this song, the vibe really isn't the same, and the most used instrument really kills the vibe. The beat sounds bad too, also killing the vibe. I like the piano, heard in the beginning and end, and if I'd made this song, I'd used the piano during the whole song. That's my opinion, thanks for reading it!

Catchy, and keeping the same vibe as the original! Sounds too much the same during the whole song, so it's not too funny to listen to. Also, I noticed that you wrote "SoundCLoud" (with a capital L) instead of "SoundCloud". Still overall an okay song!


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